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About Stockport County Trust


Visions depict how the organization's constituents and the organization itself can achieve future success. Declaring such goal clearly in a language like mission statement can be highly motivating during strategic planning.


It is critical for members of an organization to work together toward a common purpose. The phrase "mission" is commonly used. The members' mission may be tacit or obvious. It can be summed up in a single sentence as a mission statement.

About Us

A panel of experts made up of the industry’s top designers, creative directors, bloggers, and agencies takes on the difficult duty of evaluating the creativity and work put into the online projects that are submitted to the Stockportcountytrust family on a regular basis.

The Stockportcountytrust family hosts conferences every year in locations all over the world, including New York, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, as well as London, Paris, and Los Angeles. Our conferences bring together the best digital agencies and thought leaders from across the world.


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